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Video Editing

To create your own movie on your computer you must have a recording device conected to your computer.

You can use, nowadays, also external devices contected on your USB port. But if you want to have a good quality you need an USB 2.0 port on your computer / laptop.

There are also some hardware cards that you can insert in your computer.

After doing this, you will also need a harddrive with enough space and a fast CPU and a good soundcard as wel. But even having the right hardware you will need the right software tool to do the job.

I like to work with Ulead Mediastudio Pro version 7 to do all the editing.


U Lead Media Studio Pro 7 You can edit your own video with Ulead Software


ULead Mediastudio Pro 7 supports many different file formats

To import a clip is easy

You have a lot of transitions effects, video effect and you can import many different files in your video project.

The following formats are supported:

.SWF (Macromedia Flash files)
.Gif (Anitmated Gif files)
.AVI (MS Windows)
.MOV, .QT (Apple QuickTime)
.FLX (Autodesk 16 bit animation
.UCG (CG Infinity Files)
.UIS (Ulead Image Sequence Files)
.UPV (Video Paint Files)
.WMV, .ASF (Windows Media Files)

Make short movies

The most important thing when you want to create a movie, videoclip, documentary or what ever is that you must keep in mind that you get the best result when you can show different views from the same location.

The best way to do such a thing (when only using one camera) is to take serval "snap shots" from the scene you want to share with your audiance.

If you film from just one spot, the audiance will be bored and if you move to much with your camera, your audiance won't see the end of your creation.

So don't make a scene to long and record it from different spots. Don't be afraid to cut your movie in different chapters. Professionals create a story board and on the end they will past the different chapters into one storyline on their computer.

With programs like Ulead you do the same.

So good luck!


Video editors

Freeware :

Zweistein Video Editor,

With Zweistein your can do almost the same as with Ulead and
you can also convert your videoclip in a good quality
Real Audio Player format.

30 Days trial software:

Ulead Media Studio 7 Pro,

Click here to download the file

Converting to WMV format to show your creation on the net:

Freeware :


Click here to download the file