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Hello world,

This spot on the site is dedicated for some personal stuff.

I would like to start with myself :

My name is Cynthia Fridsma and I am born on 02-25-1968 near by
Amsterdam in the Netherlands..

I decided to dedicate this site to Heather because of many personal reasons that only close friends (and Heather) know. In short I can explain to you that the music from Heather supported me during many difficult situations in my private life. One of that moments was when my first friend Hielke commit suicide in 1997.

At that period I suffered from a depression in which I wanted to join him by killing myself. But the help of my family and the music from Heather helped me through this tough situation. This site is my way to say "thanks Heather" and I also hope that it will help her to increase her popularity, special in the States where she get zero attention from the Press nowadays.

Just because she doesn't follow the mass music industrie and do the things her way.

Keep up doing so, Heather. I know for sure that all your fans (including me) will support you all the way.