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July 12, 2003

Written by Cynthia Fridsma,
editor and webmaster

We decided to change the Heather Nova fansite for North America and the rest of the world into an Online Magazine to make the site more atractive for people in order to increase Heather's popularity in the world and in the States.

Heather's music is real and tells a lot about her life experience. She is unlike most artists that you see around the world because she finds it more important to create music that comes from the heart, instead of creating music for commercial reasons, which is why she left V2 records and record her new album "Storm" in New York and cooperates nowadays with BigCat Records.

The latest article we found about Heather on the internet came from Canada, brought by
Click here to read the article

We do hope that Heather will visit the United States so if you join us and tell your friends about this Online Magazine then perhaps she will be able to go to the states in the near future!

Don't forget to look at the section "Updates" to read more about the latest and previous issues on our HN Online magazine.



July 12, 2003

Written by Cynthia Fridsma


July 12, 2003

Just a while ago, on June 30 to be exact, we mentioned that we will cooperate a little bit with the New York Times, but you still don't have to worry about our independency because our independency is granted.

But to keep up to date with latest developments around the world and to be able to call our site a "Heather Nova Online Magazine" we sometimes need to cooperate with third parties.

Since we're mostly interested in multimedia, trailers etc. we use some resources from the New York Times about such topics. Today we were searching for some background information about Katharine Hepburn, the first lady of Hollywood who died this year on June 29 because we decided that Katharine deserve a 'tribute' on our Online Magazine.

There are, on the other hand, a lot of resources on the internet but the best resources we discovered around the first lady of Hollywood comes from the NY Times.

Because of that we wrote an email to the NY-Times and we received the answer back that we may use some articles just as long as we don't copy the whole article on our site. If we would do such a thing, we would have to pay an amount of $ 300.00 per article and like I told you: we are a non-profit organization and don't have that amount of money in our pockets.

So we decided to go along with NY-Times suggestion to use the headlines and a link to the complete article to enable you to read it.

But before you can read the complete article, you have to be registered at the NY-times. Membership is free, so that's no big deal.

We decided to create a and one last tip: don't forget to write your username and personal password on paper because you won't receive it by email. At last: I didn't.
Take care,



The New York Times In order to read the articles, provided by the New York Times, you will need to register yourself at the New York times. But on the other hand: registration is for free.

July 11, 2003

Now there is also a section for Germany.

Our site is becoming more and more international!

Great! Well anyway, you can view the German email via
the section "Mail, Deutschland".

I also added two sites to the database :

QuantumTime (This is a mixture between Horror and Fantasy) (A German HN fansite)

July 9, 2003

We received an email from Edward who works at, a Canadian online magazine, who gave us the permission to reproduce an article about Heather that they wrote about her because of an interview.

Here you can read the article "Heather's Isolation"

Thanks Edward :-)

We also received by email two nice pictures from Gerard according Heather and we decided to publish them on our site to share it with you.

Here you can see the pictures.

Thanks Gerard :-)

Video from Heather

Perhaps you already knew that Heather did a great performance at the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam on November 8, 2002. And perhaps you also know that you can hear her performance via our site, but did you know that there is a video available to see her...

For all off you out there that missed Heather's performance and those who where there and would like to bring back that memorial day in Amsterdam, we have wonderful news. We have found an excellent video that you can watch via our site.

Just go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, Crossing Border now on video" to see the show. Enjoy!

We also would like to welcome two new members from our service: Nicholas and Thomas.

Nicholas had also some nice comments about our site

And don't forget to visit the section "Updates" to read more about the latest and previous issues on our HN Online magazine.


An unique experience : Heather at the Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam

July 6, 2003

On July 6, 2003 Heather became 35. Perhaps you think that we forgot about it?? No we didn't and we realize that we are a bit late, but you know what they say, don't you? Better late than never...

To be honest:

We were busy with the creation of a Birthday song and with a short flash presentation dedicated to Heather with some nice pictures from Bermuda, where Heather grew up as a kid.

You can find the flash presentation under the section
"multimedia, Flash presentation, To Heather"

You can find the "Birthday song" for Heather under the section"Personal"


July 5, 2003

The mailing list is now up and running

After some troubles to install a mailing list CGI script we decided to search the
internet for a ready to use program for our mailing list.

Read more about this in the section "News, Software"

Further more :

We received two new members for our community:

Gerard and Vixter, welcome at, lets hope that more people will join us.


Share your mail with us

We decided to have our mail server ready to receive email that we can publish no our site.

All email addressed to will be available for the rest of the world.

Read more about this under the section "mail.”

July 2, 2003

Interview with Cynthia by Gerard Reniers

Gerard Reniers did an interview with Cynthia, the webmaster of about the background of and the future plans of the site.

We also welcome a new member on our site,welcome Philippe. We can almost start our mailing list as an extra service. Let's hope that more people will join us!!!


Photo from video "Walk this world"