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We from would like to thank Heather Nova for being creative and kind.

Many thans to Massimo (from, for the kind words that we received.

Special thanks to Perry Black for his support with the mailing list. Perry, without you the mailing list wouldn't work!

Special thanks to Florian Schimanke who wrote the text by the discography and he supplied the tumbnails for the albums
from Heather Nova Visit his website at

HeatherNovacom for the Biography. is the official site with professional writers, people in public relations and software developers. visit their website at

Special thanks to Heinz Lamers, living in Germany, who took
the Photos from Heather Nova on several locations during her
tours. Heinz Lamers is the webmaster from the website Light.
Visit his website at

You can also visit the German site at

Also thanks to novaforums at, and Moonkara for supporting all the way.

Also special thanks to Darren :-)
Thank you very much for your support Darren :-)

We also would like to thank Yasmin Tabi who did the interview with Heather that you can read on the article "Coming Out", when she worked for Yasmin runs now a Online Magazine at

We would like to thank Edward from for the permission to reproduce the article "Heather's Isolation".

We would like to thank Vincent from for the permission to reproduce some movies from his site for the article "Marktrock & the video Impression"

Also thanks to the following websites for providing the articles that
you can find on our site :

Also many thanks to my husband Gerard Reniers and my family. Last but not least: thanks to you for visiting the site.

With kind regards,

Cynthia Fridsma

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