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A Tribute to Heather
CD Recording project


CD Recording project

We're going to do a cd-recording project and we would like to invite you to cooperate with us.

The project is on behalf of all the HeahterNova fans around the world and we would like to give a copy from the cd to Heather herself to show her how much we appreciate her.

On this page you can see our equipment that we use for the project but we didn’t take pictures of the instruments and microphones though. Never mind about that . . .

We received many nice reactions from the fans about the project and we also received some lyrics from ‘Lucky’, which is very kind of him.


Boss BR-8 A special device design by Boss for guitar players

Send your contribution to us

We hope that you will also join us. Just visit our 'sister site' at

MP3, Midi files, Pictures, Poems are more than welcome!

Poems and Lyrics must be in either WordPerfect format, sorry for Mr. Gates but we don’t work with MS-Office, or in MS-Word format.

We really prefer, however, to receive your documents in WordPerfect format instead of MS Word!


CoolEdit Pro Multitrack Harddisk recording for a maximum of 128! virtural tracks.

How to contact us

You can also send an email to if you need special (secured) FTP-access to our server in the UK (in case your data is too big to send it by email).

You are free to do a recording session in our multimedia studio in Amsterdam, our address is:

Het Breed 927
Phone : +31.20.634 45 26


More digital effects Here you see an Alesis digital effects proccessor, an Lexicon digital effects proccessor and an 8 track Adat (digital) multitrack recorder.

The project so far

We recorded, on behalf of HeatherNova.US, two songs that you can find here on this page as a link.

Too bad that I sing like a cat on the roof, but if you want to sing it over, than please contact me and I will give you the instrumental versions of the songs.


A Fender tube amplifier For a warm analog sound