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Thanks for reprinting my chord lesson

Thanks for reprinting my chord lesson

On your site. Cool.

Dear Adam,

Your chord lessons are great and I know that a lot Heather Nova fans will like them as well!

Keep up the good work

with regards,

Cynthia Fridsma,
Phone : +31-20-634 45 26

RE: Thanks for reprinting my chord lesson


Thanks! I also write guitar instructional books for Hal Leonard. They
published a book of mine a few months ago titled "101 Guitar Tips: Stuff All
the Pros Know and Use" that is full of great lesson type stuff, gear
maintenance type stuff, career advice, and all kinds of things, including
many tips I got from great players such as B.B. King, Steve Vai, and more.

I'd be thrilled if you might direct people to my site to order the book:

Thanks again,


No problem, because I am sure that a lot of Heather Nova fans like
your book!

Take care,


Email from Renee

This is probably one of the best and well thought out sites I\'ve seen. I fell in love with Heather\'s music and voice after the release of Oyster during a very difficult time in my life. her music has always soothed me.

That's nice to hear, Renee. Heather's music always comfort me when I feel a bit sad. My first album also was Oyster and after two years my first friend commited suicide so I think that I understand what you mean concerning Heather's music.

Take care and hope to see you around!

Email from Nicholas

Thanks 4 all your hard work you have a wonderful Heather Nova site which has been a great resource, before I knew nothing about \"the Artist\" only the music from 5 of her albums that I own and cherish.

Thank you verry much for your comments Nicholas, we really appreciate your reaction.

With kind regards,

Re: your HN article

You can go ahead. Send us the link when its up.


Thanks for the permission Edward. response

Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for the prompt response and cool mention of our feature. Your link
will go up the day the feature goes live. Please note that it's a permanent
link and that we would appreciate the same from yours. Have a great day and
keep up the good work.


Jennifer Online marketing

Jennifer, don't worry. The link to is also a permanent link. I will looking forward to the article about Heather.

With regards, Cynthia,

Is it possible to co-operate?

Dear Cynthia,

Thank you very much for your e-mail which I read with interest.

Whilst I understand your wish to include some material on your Heather Nove
web-site from Future's Guitarist web-site, I am afraid that I am unable to
grant you permission to do this. This is because of the varying contractual
obligations we have with the many parties involved in the creation of our
web site which restricts our ability to grant such requests.

Thank you once again for your request and good luck with your site!

Kind regards,

It's no problem, Richard. The site is still up and runing and I will visit the Guitarist web-site becasue it's a geat site.

With regards,

Heather Nova article

Hi Cynthia -

Just a quick note - I wrote the article on Heather Nova called "Coming Out" for, an online women's magazine. I don't work there anymore, so it's no big deal, but technically you MUST get reprint permission from any source of information that you repost on your website, or you should ask the author personally. And then you typically need to include the information at the bottom of the article: "Article reprinted on this website courtesy of" or "Article reprinted on this website courtesy of Yasmin Tabi."

The article I'm talking about is this: (ps - the title has only one "c" in it, not 2)

At this point, I don't work for anymore and I have no problem with you posting the article. I would ask, though, that you add my website link to the article page underneath my name for credits. I run an online magazine for men and women in their twenties called 1-42, and the url is:

Yasmin Tabi

Thanks for your email and we mentioned your name under the article allong with the url pointing to your site. The interview you did was great.

With regards,

Trading links


Absolutely!! That sounds just fine. Please put "Westward Expansion" as the
link on your page instead of the whole site name.

I will be putting a link to your site on my site in just a few days. I am
going to put it under "Heather Nova". Let me know if that is a problem.

No worries,
Moe Levi
Westward Expansion
All Original Music - All Original Attitude

I have no problem with that.

Thanks Moe and take care.

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Quoting "Esther"


Does anybody know how to buy tickets for Heather's concert at Oosterpoort in Groningen? It's not on the programme of Oosterpoort yet and it's also not possible to buy these tickets at the post office. Thanks!


I wrote back (September 27, 2005):
Dear Esther,

I apologize that I did not respond sooner. I was offline for quite a while because of private reasons, but now that I return I decided to respond to your email.

About the Oosterpoort, Groningen:
I am sorry to inform you that it is not definite, I understand from Perry.

I will inform you if Heather will indeed do a gig in Groningen but I am afraid she is not. Therefore I will delete the date - October 25 - from our site. I am sorry that I am not able to confirm that Heather will be at the Oosterpoort in Groningen.

Perhaps next year she will.

Best regards,


Quoting "Jesper"

Subject: Heather Nova koncert in Denmark


Just checked your tour dates for HN and saw that the Copenhagen venue was TBC. Well, i have bought my ticket and it's gonna be at Amager Bio and tickets can be bought at the danish Billetnet at (english version)...

Thx for a good site

Jesper Christensen

I Wrote back (August 2, 2005):

Dear Jesper,

Thanks for the information and I will put your message on our front page and will share it with the fans from on our mailing list too :-)

I hope that you can make some photos on October 21 for your own collection and that you can share a few of them with us. Drop us an email after the concert and I will publish it on the site. I know that you will have a great time on Friday, October 21.

Take care and thanks again,

webmaster & creative manager of HeatherNova.US

Quoting "Andy"

Dear friends,
Hello, this is Andy writing from Bournemouth in England. I've been a subscriber to you for a couple of years now & even though I don't contribute often I do enjoy the site very much and always read the newsletters.

It's an exciting time right now and I wonder if I could use your service to see if anyone would like a ticket for the London show on 30/09/05. The person I was going to go with cannot now make it and I wouldn't want it to go to waste. It cost me £17.50 which I guess is something close to 25 Euros. I would be happy to let it go for about £15/20 Euros or near offer.

It is a stalls-standing ticket and if anyone is interested maybe they could contact me.
If you can be of any help here I would be very grateful. Thanks and keep up the good work.


I wrote back (July 29, 2005):

Hi Andy,

I hope that you will find a buyer for your ticket. I am sure that there are enough people to buy your ticket if they find out that Nadia Lanman will make a guest appearance on September 30.

You can read all about it on the .com site at because there is a personal message from heather for all the fans! I will put your request on the front page of our .us site too (but I will not publish your email address).

When people want to have more information, I will send the message to you so that you do not have to worry about spam email.

Taka care and have a nice day,

webmaster & creative manager of HeatherNova.US

People who want to come in contact with Andy to buy his ticket can contact me at


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