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Other news

Heather Nova Summer Storm Tour 2004, Pt.1
Posted April 24th, 2004
June 29th Sommerfestival Munich Germany
July 1st Folkfestival Rudolstadt Germany
July 2nd Zeltmusik Festival Freiburg Germany
July 3rd Varus Open Air Osnabruck Germany
July 5th Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
July 6th Paradiso Amsterdam Netherlands
July 7th 013 Tilburg Netherlands
July 9th Outside Festival Dielsdorf Switzerland

Band Line-Up:
Heather Nova guitar, vocals
Berit Fridahl guitar
Glen Scott keyboards
Matt Round bass
Luke Bullen drums

Heather Nova tours Europe in 2004
Posted April 16th, 2004
Heather Nova is planning a european tour for the summer of 2004, a mere five months after the birth of Sebastian, her first son. The tour will include several festival appearances and a few selected solo gigs. A confirmed itinerary, with gigs and band line-up, will be available soon.

Berit Fridahl solo record coming out soon - Heather Nova Guests
Posted February 21st, 2004
Lately we heard from guitarist Berit Fridahl who told us about her new record, titled Storm Tracks, which will be released shortly and will be made available through her website. This is what she told us: "Heather is singing on one of the tracks, Leaving For London, of which I'm very honored. All lyrics and music is written by me, and I produced it all as well. It has been one of those 'mobile' albums, made on a laptop, so I could record anytime, anywhere... Bermuda, London, Copenhagen, a summer cottage in Denmark, France, which for me it shows in the travelling feel to the songs. I have invited a few of my really good friends to play along with me, too, musicians who I respect very much! One is a jazz-musician, which is great to explore with my own music. Actually I have tried not to think in terms of pop, rock, jazz, ambient, alternative or anything, which has been great to avoid. A freedom CD, at least, that how I feel it." We're definitely looking forward to hear this!

Breaking News: Heather's baby born
Posted February 2nd, 2004
Heather's baby boy was born on Monday January 26th in King Edward's Hospital in Bermuda. Both the mother and the baby are fine. The baby's weight is 8 lbs and 12 oz (about 4 Kg). Congratulations, Heather!

Message from Heather, Nov.17
Posted November 17th, 2003

Hello friends,

The last few months of touring have been some of my most memorable. There were some beautiful venues - Carre in Amsterdam comes to mind - and so many wonderful audiences. I loved playing the more stripped down show and I am sure you will agree that my musicians, Glen, Luke and Matt were superb.

As for the rumour that one sings better when pregnant, well I never felt such ease. However, I am not planning to employ that remedy on every tour! I very much appreciated all the warm wishes from all of you for my baby. I am sure he felt it somehow.

As I am sure you can understand, It's now time to take a break. Time to tune in to the task at hand; the changing and the challenge of becoming a mother. I will keep you posted on that front.

To my North American fans - I hope to see the release of "Storm" over there in late summer of next year, and hopefully some gigs to accompany it. I look forward to seeing you then. Thanks for your patience!

A note on the website: my management and I decided to merge with as our official site, as Ewout and Massimo have been running it so well for almost ten years now. I think this will be a good team effort and we hope to have some interesting and excusive things for you coming up on the site soon.

All the best

You can visit the official site at