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Heather Nova’s Isolation
Friday February 22, 2002 @ 06:00 PM
By: Staff

When you’ve spent your youth sharing a 40-foot sailboat with four people, you tend to value those moments of solitude. So, it’s no wonder that Heather Nova turned to her guitar when she wanted privacy.

"That’s when I would sit with my guitar and write songs," Nova explains. "That would be my way of dealing with feelings or stuff I was going through."

Nova’s songs certainly are like a musical diary, but rather than keeping it locked away in a safe place, she’s sharing it with the world on the March release of her third studio album, South.

Though Nova makes her home in London, England these days, she likes to go home to Bermuda to isolate herself from the outside world while she writes her music.


photo from Heinz Lammers

Nova believes in sharing her life experience

"Writing is a very introverted time," Nova says. "I’m very reclusive when I write. I go somewhere, unplug the phone and sit by myself."

Nova believes in sharing her life experience, her feelings and her dreams through her music, knowing that there are other people who can relate to her words.

"My songs are pieces of my personal life," she says. "I often write because I’m trying to work through something."


Gloomy Sunday

All the songs on the new album are Nova’s own, with the exception of the track "Gloomy Sunday." Nova explains that it is a song written in Budapest in the 1940s. She initially recorded the song for a German film a few years ago. She liked it so much that she decided to put it on her new album.

Though that film was released exclusively in Germany, fans will also recognize Nova’s haunting voice on the soundtrack to I Am Sam — a collection of artists covering Beatles songs. The project is close to Nova because she grew up listening to classic artists like The Beatles on the deck of her parent’s sailboat.

Nova is keeping busy these days, with the publication of her book of poetry and art, entitled The Silent Joy, and her current five-week North American promotional tour.

"And let me tell you, it’s just killing me," Nova admits with a laugh. "It’s just the traveling every day. We’re flying… sometimes it’s two flights a day."

Nova says that she loves playing in front of a live audience but the traveling does take its toll. But the end of the road isn’t anywhere in sight for this songstress. After she completes her North American travels on March 8, she’s back on the road for a month-long jaunt in Europe.

—April Labine

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CD Single Gloomy Sunday Gloomy Sunday is a track on the album South, but it also appear as a CD Single in Germany.