The ticket blues

The ticket blues

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

First of all I like to apologize that we didn't update anything during Saturday and Sunday but this was because it has been a busy weekend.

I had to buy a ticket for Heather's concert at the Carré Theater in Amsterdam before it was sold out. Can you imagine that it was almost sold out, while the sales of the ticket started on June 28? It was a complete nightmare to buy a ticket at the postoffice nearby.

First off all: it was hot and there was a long line of people waiting inside. I had to wait for about half an hour before I could get a ticket, and then again 15 minutes to wait before I had the two tickets in my hand, because the computer at the post office had some trouble to find a connection with the theater just to find out wether (or wether not) there was a ticket available. Thank gods that it there where a few tickets left! It sure was the most exciting 15 minutes of my life :-)

Sure: I could by them online with my credit card, but I didn't have enough credit on it. Reason for this: I used it too much just to setup our Heather Nova site and online magazine.

On Sunday I went to the birthday party of my "present" child, Dennis. He's my friend’s son and became 20.

On Monday I returned home at my condominium in Amsterdam where the gateway to the internet is Installed, just to find out that we received mail from people who want to have a free membership. I want to welcome you both on behalf of www.heathernova.us

But that's not all:

We also received an email regarding our site from the New York Times that we may put some links from their entertainment newsletters etc. on our site, which is wonderful.

And last, but not least:

we received an email from Jennifer who works for AskMen.com (an online magazine for men) and she's going to write an article about Heather and she asked us politely if we wanted to put a link from AskMen.com along with a heather nova banner that she created to read the Article that she's going to write about Heather and in return she will mention our site on AskMen.com. Life can be wonderful!

Thanks Jennifer, I really appreciate it :-)

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photo from Heinz Lammers

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