Press Release October 25th 1990

New Release from Big Cat Records: Heather Frith

Release date: Monday October 29th 1990.

Out on Big Cat on Monday October 29th is the debut single from Bermuda-born HEATHER FRITH. Songs on this 4-track EP are These Walls, New Love, Further Than You and Flying As She Falls.

Backing vocals on These Walls were kindly supplied by label-mate Moira Lambert of Faith Over Reason.

HEATHER has been seen around London recently supporting Faith Over Reason solo, and will be performing around the country when FOR do their headline tour in late November.

HEATHER FRITH is a recent addition to Big Cat. One girl and a guitar is nothing new, but with a voice like an angel and at least a dozen quality songs, she immediately excited the label.

She was born and grew up on a boat in Bermuda, where the great songsters of the 60s that her parents exposed her to left a great impression. She writes love songs, songs that are merely observations of the world today, but the best ones are her songs of conscience. Not protest songs, but subtle, emotional songs, sensitive to injustice and thoughtlessness of today's world. At the age of 22 she has just made her first demos, six months since first picking up a guitar.


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