Melody Maker, January 5, 1991


Melody Maker, January 5, 1991

Heather Nova: articles: Melody Maker, 5 January 1991

Article from Melody Maker, 5 January 1991, by Ian Watson

"I think my songs are really simple, about basic things, and I think that's what people respond to. I articulate feelings in a different way to the obvious sometimes."

A refreshingly natural and distinctly unkooky acoustic singer/songwriter, HEATHER FRITH is being awfully modest. Originally from Bermuda, where she spent most of her formative years living on a boat and experiencing what she terms as quite a "bohemian" upbringing, Heather's more than just a simple sly wordsmith. Her songs are slices of life, her own personal version of events that have touched, disturbed, concerned or even annoyed her, but presented in such a way that they're made to seem anything but mundane. "I think obviousness is really boring. Sometimes, if you can't figure out what's going on, it's better. I do tend to write about other people which makes a difference and I guess I'm projecting what I think other people are going through. Sometimes I'm trying to say something for them but often writing a song is working something out for yourself too."

Having recently completed a tour with labelmates and kindred spirits Faith Over Reason, Heather's looking to expand her sound and live act by adding percussion and various instruments such as accordion and penny whistle. Her eponymous debut EP is the ideal introduction to her own particular style. "I only tend to write about other people when I'm feeling good and the rest of the time I'm trying to come to terms with my own problems. I do write songs which are celebrations of life as well and others that are merely accounts and nothing else, but mostly I'm just trying to work things through. I never really believed in the struggling artist bit, and I think talent has more to do with intent and the desire to do something than anything else, but pain really does help."

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