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An Intimate Evening with Heather Nova


Heather Nova  Picture by Cynthia Fridsma

Heather Nova : simply the best

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Amsterdam, March 20, 2006

On March 20, 2006 at 8:15 P.m. Heather hit the stage on the Pepsi Stage in Amsterdam, which was totally sold out. I didn’t know what to expect from an ‘intimate evening with Heather Nova’, would it have anything to do with the SorrowJoy, the book full with beautiful poems, written by Heather or would it be something else?

After all, from the information I found at heathernova.com I knew that you could buy Heather’s Sorrowjoy CD only during concerts. I expected that she would do some poems during her performance with a stripped down band containing two members: Fiona Pears, who happens to be an amazing violist and Ian Tilley a great ‘piano man’.

It was busy and all the seats were taken and there was not a real opening act either. Fiona and Ian started to warm the audience and after playing two songs the crowd went crazy when Heather hit the stage. The combo isn’t complete without Heather . . .

Heather, Fiona and Ian took off with Gloomy Sunday(1), which was a great choice by Heather to start with. The combination of the Piano, Violin and Heather’s golden voice melted every heart in the hall.

After Gloomy Sunday Heather took her guitar and started to play ‘You left me a song’ and then Heather introduced ‘I miss the sky(2)’, as follows: “... and some think that she died on the sea and some think that she lived out her days on a tiny dessert island and I wrote this song imagining I was her.” The combination of Heather’s singing and Fiona’s violin was great and a pleasure for every music lover!

Then she started to play ‘This body, Heal, Paper Cup and Mothertongue(3).
For me it was the first time ever that I saw Heather doing this song a song that I’ve always liked by the way and I did enjoy every minute of it. It was an amazing good combination to hear this song with a violin.

After Mothertongue(3), Heather did ‘Motherland, Done drifting, Winterblue and All I need than there was a break and during the break I saw Massimo(4) and said Hi. Last year I saw Massimo in London.

Than we had a small conversation with Axel(5) and his wife Hannie and we talked a little about Mothertongue, and the mailing list too, because Axel told me that he knew a girl who made an African translation of Mothertongue. Too bad that she didn’t want to publish it for the CD Project because I’m sure that Heather would love to hear the South African version of the song.

By the way, I almost forgot to mention that I’ve bought the Sorrowjoy CD too.

When we went back to the hall for the second part of the show, we saw Perry Black too(6). After two songs performed only by Fiona Pears and Ian Tilley, came Heather back on stage and started to read the poem ‘the bad blood and the rose’.

It sure was great (Heather used a special sound effects box) which gave the right atmosphere to the poem(7).

After the poem it was ‘back to business’ with the songs: “Avalanche, These walls, Storm,
Water from wine, Fool for you, I'm alive, Walk this world, Walking higher, What a feeling
The sun will always rise and a song from Neil Young: Like a hurricane.

Everybody had a good time and yes, Heather Nova is simply the best!


Heather Nova and Fiona Pears picture by Cynthia Fridsma


(1) Gloomy Sunday can be found on Heather’s South album
(2) I miss the sky can be found on Heather’s Redbird album and is a song Heather wrote about Amelia Earhart
(3) Mothertongue was first published in 1993 on the Glowstars album that was original
recorded with an old 8 track recording device by Felix Tod.
(4) Massimo is the editor from heathernova.com and about 1 ½ year ago we recorded his version of Ruby Red for the CD Project
(5) I know Axel from the mailing list, previous HN gigs and the ‘after party’ in 2003.
(6) Perry helped me in the past with the mailing list when I felt ill and I know him too, from previous HN gigs, the ‘after party’ in 2003 and last time I saw him in London.
(7)The poem ‘the bad blood and the rose’ can be found in Heather’s book, the Sorrowjoy.


Heather Nova picture by Cynthia Fridsma

Video impression

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