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Supernew facts in the approach!

Our sunshine Songwriter Heather recorded a new album in New York that will be released by Big Cat Records, the London-based indie label that was a previous home to Pavement, Jeff Buckley, Luscious Jackson, Mercury Rev and Blumfeld among others.

The album will be available through different companies throughout the World: deals have been made with Columbia Records for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and with Up Music/Warner for France.

In UK and Ireland, Big Cat Records releases are
distributed by Pinnacle. Negotiations are taking place for distribution in many other territories, including USA and Canada.

The reason for Heather's involvement with Big Cat Records is due to the increasing pressure from her previous labels to make her music and image more commercial, which lead to a constant battle on which she wouldn't compromise. Thus came the decision to produce her new album, which she recorded between Bermuda and New York, in a totally independent way.

Her new Album, Storm will be released on 08-25-2003 and one month before you
can get the single "River Of Life".


Click here to hear the first 60 seconds from River of Life