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Heather is expecting a child
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Heahter is expecting a child!!! The best news we ever heard or read in the Newspaper, a Dutch newspaper on 9-11-2003 had an interview with Heather and there she told that she is expecting a baby next year

Siren from Bermuda

Its now official:

Heather is pregnant, read all about it. Heather gave an interview to the press on 9/11/2003 and told to the press about her pregnancy. Just think about the date:

We all know about the brutal attack on the World trade Center in New York on 9/11/2001.It was the day that the free world changed, which we all know by now!

The good thing is that Heather came out to the press on 9/11/03 and shared her most beloved 'secrets' with the press. It seems to me like a statement and a longing for a better world with more tolerance and less violence in front of us.

Thank you Heather!

Translated from De Telegraaf, 9-11-2003

Heather is tired, not only because she has done eight interviews today, but she is also pregnant since five months.

"I expect the baby at the beginning of next year but I will continue with the tour until November. People in my environment find that I have to take it easy now, but I just can’t. I have a new album out and I have to promote this and I can’t cancel the tour. I will manage I am a true powerful woman."

What Heather keeps on the road, is the return to her homeland, Bermuda where she bought a house with her husband and wills rest there for a period of six months and to take care of her baby.

"I experience the Island as my true home; I never had that feeling when I lived in London. But I have a drifting existence, I am doing world tours since ten years. I miss my husband the most nowadays. If the child will bring some chances in my hectic scheme is something that I don’t know right now, but I would like to take my baby along with me when I am on tours. I know how that goes because I have learned it from my parents."

People with such an isolated education as Heather have often difficulties to find their way around in the society. But nevertheless, the singer doesn’t come over as a 'weirdo', she is nice, polite and a kind personality. "When we came to New York, I was socially not adjusted. I didn’t know how to contact with people from the same age. Instead I decided to write songs, so there came something good from that loneliness."

She got her education at Rhode Island, School of Design in New York. The creative environment at school brought her love to write songs more alive! Heather decided, during a training period in London, to do some performances in cafes. During one of them she was discovered by Abbo from Big Cat Records and history (Glowstars, Blow, Oyster, Live at the Milky way, Siren, Wonderlust, South and now Storm) was made.

"That time in London was really the turn of a new start in my life. To express that even more I chanced my name into ‘Nova’ which means ‘New’. I also believe that it is the name of a family member from my mother,” she smiled.

Also, new is the six months period to rest for the 'restless' singer. "But I am looking forward to seeing my parents who sold the boat and started to live on Bermuda."

Heather will do a performance on September 17 in Carré at Amsterdam and on September 18 in Oosterpoort at Groningen. Both concerts are sold out.