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Cynthia's wedding

who is Cynthia?

Perhaps you wonder who Cynthia Fridsma is? Well... the answer is simple: she’s the webmaster of the Online Magazine, the girl behind the HeahterNova CD Project and she also created the ‘HN-toolbar’ that you can find at http://www.heathernova.info

Cynthia, born on February 25, 1968 is now married with Gerard Reniers, born on July 30, 1954 and I was invited at Cynthia’s place in Amsterdam North to talk about her wedding. I was curious about her wedding dress and Cynthia told me that it was a ‘Sissy alike dress’ which made me even more curious. I was invited for the wedding but I had other obligations so I didn’t see her wedding dress.

Cynthia Fridsma Born on February 25, 1968. Married on Augsut 28, 2004. (photo by Natascha van Hees)

It was the most beautiful day of my life

“Cynthia, tell me something about your wedding on August 28, 2004.”
“It was the most beautiful day of my life and I was more than happy to share it with Gerard, friends and family. I was a little worried about the weather, though because it was raining cats and dogs the day before. Almost like it was raining at the crossing border festival a year ago. Heather was reading some poems that day.”
“You showed me some photos of your wedding and all I see is the sun shining in the sky.”
Cynthia smiled and said:
“Yes, the weather was great and we had the time of our life in Hauwert, a one horse-man town nearby Hoorn.”

Gerard & Cynthia (photo by Natascha van Hees)

Robacher's place is cosy with a romantic atmospher

“Why weren’t you married in Amsterdam, the city were you live?”
“Being married is something that you have to do at a special place and Hauwert is a special place. We searched for something different on the cyber ocean we all know as the internet, and found ‘Robacher’s place cosy with a romantic atmosphere.”
“Robacher’s place sure looks great, I have looked it up on the internet and understand why you picked that place.”
“Yeah, it sure is a great place to marry and it also suited perfectly with my wedding dress.”
“I must agree with you. Your dress is sure lovely.”

Robacher's place iin Hauwert, a one horse man town nearby Hoorn (the Netherlands, photo by Natascha van Hees)

I bought the wedding dress withinin 30 minutes

“Thanks. I bought the wedding dress within 30 minutes in the wedding shop because I knew: this is the one. It’s just like everything else in my life: when I saw Gerard the first time, which was by the way on Animals day in 1999 (October 4, 1999), I fell in love with him just like I fell in love with Heather’s music in 1995. You know: her lyrics, voice and music. It’s just the way I am. When I see something that I like, or hear, in Heather’s case then I want to have it and I know that I don’t have to look any further.”
“You had the same feelings with Robachers place?”
“Yeah, when we came there the first time I told to Gerard: this is the place were I want to marry and it became true.”

Cynthia smiling at the camera (photo by Natascha van Hees)

Natascha showed a few albums

“And so it was. I understand that you also choose a female photographer as well?”
“Yeah we did. I explained to Gerard, and Gerard agreed with me, that women are much more creative than men when it comes to photography and we made an appointment with Natascha van Hees in Purmerend. A city nearby Amsterdam. Natascha showed a few albums and than we knew that she was the right woman to take the wedding photos.”

From left to right: Natascha van Hees, Annet Vondra & Herman Fridsma (photo by Jacques Reniers)

What about the children?

“Gerard have also three children from a previous marriage. How were they at your wedding?”
“They were more than pleased. I can get along with the children. The oldest, Dennis, is now a trainee at my company. He want to learn some computer programming with Microsoft’s Visual Basic and I give him some advice and try to learn him the skills to work with Visual Basic ”

From left to right: Nikita Reniers, Cynthia & Tamara Reniers (photo by Natascha van Hees)

Are you going to quit the Online Magazine?

“Are you going to quit the Online Magazine? There are some rumors because you haven't done much with the site lately?"

“No I' m not going to quit the Online Magazine because Heather Nova deserves a hit. The reason why I haven't done anything lately is because I am now busy with a project for the ABN AMRO Bank as a designer for an auction site. Volunteers try to raise some money for street children in India to give them an orphanage. This project is rather time consuming and it will end next week.

Dennis Reniers Gerard's son (photo by Natascha van Hees)

Aditional information

Additional information :

Robacher’s place:

The official ‘Heather Nova’ forum:

Robacher's place iin Hauwert, a one horse man town nearby Hoorn (the Netherlands, photo by Natascha van Hees)

Photo by Natascha van Hees

Cynthia & Gerard - got married on August 28, 2004 at Robacher's place in Hauwert, nearby Hoorn - The Netherlands (photo by Natascha van Hees)

From left to right: Cynthia's mother, Cynthia, Cynthia's Father, Gerard, Gerard's mother (photo by Natascha van Hees)