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Yeah, straight forward. We look like ants here.

Only to those who want to. And I don't.

What do you think the others will do if they find an exit? You think they'll
come looking for us? No way!
They will leave as soon as they have the chance.
Priorities. What's more important? Surviving or honouring a commitment made
to some strangers?

Yes, they may. And I don't blame them for doing that.

He's really starting to get on my nerves. I hate funny guys.

Girl stuff. None of your goddamn business.

Hold your horses. I need to get some rest.

You wanna go, then go. No one's holding you back!

Don’t easy me. If he's in such a hurry, he should start running.

I wanna get out of here, but I need to keep my strength in order to do it.