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Issue #34, December 22, 2003

 Issue #34, December 22, 2003.

* Subject: A merry christmas and a happy new year

Date: 12/22/2003 16:15:41 +0100
From: "Cynthia"

Subject: A merry Christmas and a happy new year

Dear all,

I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2004.

Next year will change a few things, Heather will have her child and she will do
a tour in the US if everything goes well. That is a good thing for her fans in the US . . .

Let us hope that it will work out just well!

I created a postcard service on our HN-Online Magazine site so that you can send
postcards. You can check it out at http://www.heathernova.us/kaart/index.php

I am looking for more delightful pictures for the service so if you would like to be a
'model' or have great HN pictures or funny pictures than feel free to post them via my
personal email address: cynthia@heathernova.info

I also created a flash file, which you can see on our front page. If you have a
site on your own, than you can download (or view) the file via the URL: http://www.heathernova.us/downloads/kerst.swf

I will also do an 'HN special' with some video material from Heather's videos
(like Walk this world and London Rain), I will inform you when I've published
the special on our site.

Well take care and hope to hear from you!