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Walk this world, interactive

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First I would like to thank you for your interest in Heather’s song ‘Walk this world’. Did you buy the album Oyster? On Oyster you can hear the original song! Buying an album from Heather also means that you support her.

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Unpack the zipfile in a map of your choice, than open index.htm in your browser and the lesson should start immediately if you have a flash player installed on your computer... don’t worry: most people do, so you properly too! If not than you should download the flash player  from the Internet Where you can download the flash player is beyond the scope of this readme file.

Copyright warning:

The song “Walk this world” is written by Heather Nova, don’t pretend it’s yours.  The lesson I have created is for personal use only!

P.s. you need flash to start the lesson!