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April, 2006


April 19, 2006

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine, the place on the Internet where you can find all the information you want with a simple click of your mouse.

We're a nonprofit organization and try to offer you the best on the net and we provide you with lots of information about your idol & our figure head : Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.

P.s. go to the .Info site if you want to discuss the fact why this website has an US domain.


More tourdates for 2006

July 29 Tienen, Belgium Suikerrock
July 31 Feldkirch, Austria Poolbar Festival
August 2 Den Haag, Netherlands Paard van Troje
August 3 Eindhoven, Netherlands Effenaar
August 5 Lokeren, Belgium Lokerse Feesten

HN Summers shows in NL.

Written by Axel

HN summer shows in NL.

Heather is coming to the Bredase turfschip, sorry, mistake, i mean the trojan horse (Paard van Troje) in The Hague
www.paard.nl on august 2: tickets already available, national ticket selling starts march 25.

The next day HN shows up in Eindhoven, which is supposed to be some big place in Brabant
http://www.effenaar.nl/event.php?e_id=326 ticket selling starts March 29.


I created a short video impression of the show in Amsterdam, go to the section "Articles, Simply the best, a short video impression" to see it on your computer.

Fool for you

Want to see this video clip? Then go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, Fool for you"

P.s. You need Realaudio player to see the clip

Letters to the editor

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What's your favorite HN album?

These walls
Live from the Milkey Way

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The latest movies in our database:

Hellraiser - Hellseeker

Kirsty Cotten (Ashley Laurence) is now grown up and married to Trevor Gooden (Dean Winters). Her memory of the events that took place back at her parent's home and the mental institution have dimmed, but she is still traumatized. One fateful day, the two get into a fatal car crash, killing Kirsty. Now, Trevor finds himself in a strange world full of sexy women, greed and murder, making him believe he may be in hell. He follows the clues all the way to Pinhead (Doug Bradley).


In a teen chat room, Genevieve Gage (Linda Cardellini), the teenager daughter of detective Mike Gage (Kevin Gage) is invited to a blind date by the cool Capt Howdy (Dee Snider). The guy is indeed a pierced a schizophrenic sick and sadistic maniac, and he kidnaps Genevieve and her friend Tiana Moore (Amal Rhoe). He submits the girls and other adolescents to tortures. When the body of Tiana is found, Mike hunts Capt Howdy and puts him in jail first and then he is sent to a mental ...


Summer of fear

A country family of five takes in cousin Julia, whose parents recently perished in a car crash. Julia extends her influence over the family and those around them, fooling all except for Rachel, the teenaged girl who knows her cousin is up to no good.

This movie was a terrible mistake from me buying it. Don't make the same mistake as I did since this movie is a complete waste of time.



Going back

This is a fairly morbid yet emotional war drama, starring Caper Van Dien and Carrie Otis. It is about a group of ex vietnam soldiers re-visiing aold battle gorunds years after the war. THye re-live memories of the war and remember things that they had tried to forget.

The film doesn't delve into the cliche bucket to many times as war films usually do and the script is fairly good. The actors perform well in some good roles but Casper Van Dien, who...


All the little animals

Bobby Platt is a mentally slow young man who escapes an abusive, hateful stepfather who has killed his pets one by one. To save himself, Bobby runs away and meets a strange old man who wanders the highways to bury roadkill animals. Bobby becomes the old man's apprentice and learns to see the world of nature in a strange idyllic way. But soon the shadow of his stepfather catches up to him and Bobby's world explodes into a grotesque nightmare. ...


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Now in the picture "The Palmengarten"

If you want to share your travel story with us, or if you want to promote your hometown, than send an email to the editor. You can send your holiday photos too! Write to cynthia@heathernova.info

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New members

There's a new member on our mailing list, his username is Rocketboy.

Rocketboy wrote:

The Internet is a marvelous thing. Over the past year, I have been listening to streaming audio and have discovered a number of artists who I like a lot. I have bought more albums in the last year than in the previous five, simply because I have found so many great ones.

Heather is the best surprise of all. I had no idea she had been around for ten years already and released so many albums. I am a big Tori Amos fan, and Heather is the closest I have ever found to that level of talent -- inventive writing, interesting themes, and tremendous skill in live performances (very few artists I have heard are as good live as they are
in the studio).

Looking forward to hearing more about her, and hoping that someday she will be
able to tour here in the U.S. where I can actually see her (I am on the West Coast).

Well Rocketboy, you're more than welcome and btw Heather will do a song in the states if I can believe Sakis P, see previous message and we from the HN Online Magazine hope that it will come true and more than that.

We hope that Heather will do a real tour in the states, but she need your support.

I would like to say one thing to the visitors of our site, living in the states: please, become a member of the mailing list and let us know your point of view. And you know the saying: the more the merry :-)

Don't wait any longer, become a member too and go to the section "Mailing list". Stay in touch with other fans and best of all: a membership is free! Or become an editor for the .info site.

Do you have questions? Mail them to me, I will be glad to answer them!

My email address is cynthia@heathernova.info


Heather Nova - Online Magazine is getting better all the time.

Live at the Union Chapel

Live concert footage, performing the tracks:

Let’s Not Talk About Love, I wanna Be Your Light, One Day in June, You left me a song, All I need, Drink It In, Fool For You, River Of Life and Storm

Backstage performance of the tracks:
New Love - Every Time

Special Features :
Music Videos : Drink It In, River Of Life

To see the video, River Of Life, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


"Movie Critics Get A Taste Of Their Own Medicine!"

Invasion Iowa: "Is this a movie?
No, it's a reality TV show!"

by Herb Kane


RIVERSIDE, IOWA: Critic Doctor visits Riverside, Iowa and invades the set of William Shatner's new Spike TV show "Invasion Iowa." Shatner fooled the townspeople into thinking they were filming a Hollywood movie. Turns out the people are now the unwitting stars of their own reality TV show! More to come!

Content Provided by Criticdoctor.com
Copyright 2004 by Herb Kane. All rights reserved.
Join the Critic Doctor


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