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New Children's Book is a Powerful Tool for Eco-Friendly Parents

In Monstrous Mansions by Laura Simmons, a couple of eco-conscious aliens battle suburban sprawl to save a community.
STATEN ISLAND, NY November 5, 2006 -- Monstrous Mansions by Laura Simmons is a delightful, original children's book that explores a pressing environmental issue: suburban sprawl.

When John and Bob Smith appear before a Town Hall Meeting to protest turning their neighborhood into a commercial zone, no one suspects that they are really Von Droggle and Bendraggle, two extraterrestrials who are committed to saving Earth's resources. With wit, zest, and stunning full-color illustrations, Simmons reveals that people aren't always what they seem—sometimes they are much more magical than you ever imagined.

About the author
Laura Simmons wrote Monstrous Mansions with an eight – twelve age bracket in mind to serve as the perfect addition to school or home libraries, as well as a powerful conversation piece for eco-friendly parents attempting to teach their children the value of Earth's resources.

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