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January, 2004

Send a postcard!

We have introduced a new service,

now you can send HeatherNova postcards to your friends to wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year! Or whatever the reason might be!

Just go to http://www.heathernova.us/kaart/index.php and pick the card that you wish to
sent to your friends and family.

It is also a fantastic way to promote Heather Nova!


Life can be wunderful

Life can be wonderful


October 22, 2003

The evening I had on October 22 was great. Gerard and I had a dinner with two family members of his at our favorite restaurant, Dubrovnik, in Amsterdam.

We often choose to eat there because dinner is fine and the waiters are nice for a chance compare to some lousy ‘cheap’ restaurant in Amsterdam.

We went to Dubrovnik to have an excellent meal and we ordered something that we usual want and Gerard had to go to the toilet where he stayed for a longer period than the ‘usual’ five minutes so I got a little worried about him.

Just on the moment that I wanted to stand up to see what’s going on, Gerard came around, dressed like a prince of a fairy tale. Along with his appearance I heard Heather’s CD storm.

They play, normally, Yugoslavian music (since Dubrovnik is a Croatian restaurant) so Heather’s CD was a big surprise and seeing Gerard dressed like a prince brought some tears in my eyes.

Gerard went down on his knees in front of me and asked me if I wanted to marry him.

I set yes and this made a dream come true and October 22 became part of a living fairy tale with lots’ of Romance as you can see on the photo’s. During the whole night they played ‘Storm’ which was the perfect ‘final’ touch of a romantic evening that you normally witness in fairy tales.

Go to the section "personal, To be joined together in marriage" to see the photo's


CD Recording project

A nonprofit cd-recording project to cooperate with Heather Nova fans worldwide to make the album a success. We have launched the idea of the cd-recording project at http://www.novaforums.com and published it also on our HN-mailing list.

The reactions are overwhelming but yet not enough to publish an album that we would like to handle over to Heather as a gift from her fans.

We also celebrate the cooperation between HeatherNova.US and Novaforums.COM concerning the mailing list. We are searching for fans who are willing to share their songs, (among with the rest of the world on behalf of all the HN-Fans) poems, pictures etc with us.

You can sent your contribution by email to: project@heathernova.us

It is also possible to upload your files to our UK-server by FTP (File Transfer Protocol), in that case you should ask it by email via the same email address.

Than you get a free (secure) FTP access to our server so that you can upload your files for the project to the server.

The following material is welcome for the project:

Photos, MP3's with your own music, lyrics as a Corel WordPerfect document or as a MS Word document (sorry Bill but we prefer to use Corel Office 2002 instead of MS Office).

Also midi files are welcome and MP3 files on which you play guitar, play guitar and sing, or with a keyboard. Midi files sent to us are being reproduced by a Roland JV-1020 external synthesizer module and recorded on our digital equipment.

We will, of course give you all the credits for your contribution and your name will be printed on the cover of the cd and in the booklet.

People living in the Netherlands are more than welcome to visit us in Amsterdam to do a multi-recoding session in our studio for free! The same goes for people from outside the Netherlands to make an appointment.

My address (if you still don't know!) is :

Het Breed 927
The Netherlands
Phone : +31 / 20 634 4526
(long distance call)

I am also looking forward to people who would like to cooperate in a video clip as well for streaming media!

If you want to know more about the project and would like to hear some MP3 and what's going on so far with the project, you can go to the section "Multimeda, CD Recording project"


HeatherNova.US studio We're looking for Heather Nova fans to cooperate with us to record an Album as a give away present for our members and for Heather herself to show her that we appreciate her music.


Heather live at Carre theater in Amsterdam 

Outstanding performance from Heather

All the seats; 2,000 a piece, were sold out at the Carré theater within a day, which is only remarkable with the best artists and that is also the prove that Heather is one of the best female performers nowadays. People who were lucky enough to get a ticket for Heathers concerts at the Carré theater in Amsterdam enjoyed an outstanding performance from a pregnant and good-looking Heather Nova.

See the short videoclip that we made about Heather's performance at Carré on 9/17/03
under the section "Multimedia, A Tribute to Heather, Outstanding performance"

HN Online Magazine

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine.

Heather's music is real and tells a lot about her life experience. She is unlike most artists that you see around the world because she finds it more important to create music that comes from the heart, instead of creating music for commercial reasons, which is why she left V2 records and record her new album "Storm" in New York and cooperates nowadays with BigCat Records.

And this is the main reason why we decided to increase her popularity all over the world, including the United States, by creating and maintain this HN Online magazine to offer you a lot off information about Heather because she is the center off our site.

But being an Online Magazine also means that we offer worldnews, trailers, issues about what's going on in Hollywood, learn how to play guitar etc. In order to work things out, we also cooperate with third parties like the New York Times, but we remain independent.

Also the number of members is growing,


Complete video "River of Life"

If you have installed Real Audio Player you can see the complete video
"The River Of Life", brought you by http://www.othello.tv

To see the video, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


Taken from the Videoclip "River of life"

A preview on Heather's Storm CD

During a research on the cyber ocean, I found short tracks from Heather's Storm CD that I want to share with you. You can listen to the first 30 seconds of each track if you go to the section "Albums, Storm"

I've found the tracks on the site from Sony Europe.



Order "Storm" online on 09-08-2003

You can order Heather's Storm CD on September 8, 2003 via http://www.amazon.co.uk

Click here for the direct link


We created a few wallpapers 

Glowstar wallpapers

We created a few wallpapers as an tribute to Heather's Glowstar album, you can
see the wallpapers under the section "Creativity, HN Wallpapers, Theme Glowstars"

Interview with Heather

Heather did a short interview in Belgium on August 13 at Leuven.

The occasion was her performance at the Marktrock Festival 2003.

If you want to see the interview, you have to go to the section
"Multimedia, Interview, August 13, 2003 at Leuven"


Heather on August 15, 2003 at Leuven

Pinkpop 2002

Heather did a great perfomance at the Pinkpop festival in 2002, it was a warming up for her upcomming South Tour that she did in 2002.

Now you can listen to this concert at the Pinkpop Festival. All you have to do is to choose for the section "Multimedia" and then select "Audio" and choose Pinkpop.


Heather Nova was born Heather Frith on July 6th, 1968 in Bermuda.

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