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Should the USA send weapons to Syria?

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

In the Washington Post, I read an article that the United States should step up its involvement in the conflict in Syria. Sen. John McCain, charged that President Obama has failed to follow through on a statement that the use of chemical weapons in the conflict would constitute a “red line.”

I agree with Sen. McCain that the use of chemical weapons is wrong. But is sending weapons to the rebels a good idea? I don't think so Mr. McCain. Why? Chances are that these weapons will be used against the USA in the future. Among the rebels, there are a lot of people fighting the "jihad." It's quite possible that some of them have connections with Al-Qaeda.

Sending meds OK. But weapons or troops? No... let the troops stay home. We don't want another "Iraq." Let's focus more closely on things in the USA first. Say no to gun control and stop selling semi-automatic weapons to idiots!

Help the economic and start investing in the USA. There are so many homes empty because people can't pay the mortgage. People need double jobs to survive. Those issues are more important then starting a pissing contest Mr. McCain. Either way you lose.

Why would the USA be getting involved with overseas conflicts? I don't think so Mr. McCain.

BTW people in Europe are facing the same problems.

Say no to military actions. Period.