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Myths We Live By: From the Life and Times of Jesus and Paul by Andrew

 Myths we live by
Charleston, SC November 5, 2006 -- Professor emeritus of history and political science, Andrew C. Delos breaks new ground in our understanding of the early days of Christianity with his gripping book, "Myths We Live by: From the Life and Times of Jesus and Paul."

Working as a historian, rather than a theologian, Dr. Delos presents a new, fascinatingly detailed story of Jesus and St. Paul. Relying on his fluency in Greek, Delos has painstakingly scoured the original texts of the New Testament, additional ancient sources, modern discoveries and commentaries. What he has discovered are startling new facts on the real origin of Christianity and the truths that go beyond the doctrines and traditions of the church.

Was Jesus really born in Bethlehem? Who originated the doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus? Was Jesus really the founder of a new religion?  Was St. Peter ever in Rome?  Is there in the Gospel of John a fascinating clue about the resurrection? Is St. Paul the man who originated Christianity? These and many other thought-provoking questions are richly explored in this thoroughly documented book. Inspiring and ground-breaking, this is a book as essential for our understanding as the Bible itself.

"Provocative and profound ... a brilliant historical examination and re-evaluation of the facts... a richer, and truer portrait of both Jesus and Paul, one that both biblical scholars and discerning readers should appreciate."
-Ellen Tanner Marsh New York Times best-selling author
About the Author
Andrew C. Delos is a professor emeritus of history and political science who has used a penname so the work will stand on its own. He is the author of several books published by Oxford University Press, Scribner's, Ballantine, Wadsworth and Rutledge.
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