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German Hacker tries to break in on our server

Amsterdam,  June 18, 2010

= = =  = = = =  = =  = =  =
written by Cynthia Fridsma
= = =  = = = =  = =  = =  =

Running your own web server means that you're responsible for your own security. That means that you have to look, from time to time in the log files of your server because a server always logs everything that happens on your site. All you need to know is where to look and how to secure the server.

I knew that someone tried to break in on our server, yes the one where we host the official site and I always thought that it was someone from Belgium or France but now I final catches the IP address of the hacker. His or her IP address is

After doing a little research on the internet, using http://tools.whois.net/ and http://cqcounter.com/whois/

I know that the hacker lives in Germany, the IP address is coming from Hallstadt. The hacker has his or her broadband connection via Ratiokontakt.de. So I send the following message to Ratiokontakt GmbH because trying to hack a server is not cool. It's criminal!

This is the email I wrote:
---------// email //-----------------
Dear guardian,

Someone with IP address  tried to break in on our server, using variously user names and passwords. This IP address revers to a user from Ratiokontakt and I hope that you will take actions against him or her. Because hacking a server is criminal and against the law.

Enclosed you'll find a log file from our server. In the log you can see the hack attempts from IP Address

All the best,
Cynthia Fridsma
---------// email //-----------------

The reason why I publish this message is that I hope that these criminal behavior of some Internet users  will stop.

And always check your server log files if you have your own server!