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September, 2005

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine, the place on the internet were you can find all the information you want with a simple click of your mouse.

We're a non-profit organization and try to offer you the best on the net and we provide you with lot's of information about your idol: Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.


Heather Nova group on bloggers of Myspace.com

http://groups.myspace.com/heathernova US fans started a bloggers site at myspace

Heather Nova Fans!

For all those who are fans of the musican and singer, Heather Nova to come together, discuss, share news, info, favorite songs, pictures and many more!

Additional information :
Category: Music
Type: Public Membership
Founded: Jan 15, 2005
Location: Binghamton,
Members: 39

URL : http://groups.myspace.com/heathernova

Childish people

Running a website means that there are always childish jealous people throwing mud at you.

I have become victim of one of them, someone with IP address You can read it all on the forum at http://www.heathernova.info/articles.php?mode=comments&id=20

The same person who wrote, and I quote:

Ewout from Heather Nova.com, http://www.heathernova.com
Dear Cynthia,

If Heather was in Amsterdam, don't you think we wouldn't know it? As first site and later official site, we stand for the real and true news, rather than a forum based on illusions in your mind and rumors. I've been watching your site awile and i must say, it's really crap.

I suggest you be straight to your readers or post a pic of the transfer of the cd, wich i think you must have if this story is true.

For all the readers of this, visit heathernova.com for real news
Also wrote:

Tina von Kerschweiter
Hallo Cynthia,

Diese seite ist sehr schlecht, habe sie nicht ein antere? Und haben sie vielleicht einz oder mehr foto's von die versammlung mit Heather?
Ich denke das du krank und ein excentriker bist.

mit freundliche gruss,


My real comments:

Strange that all the people here, except Werner, all have the same IP address, being: It points to an IP address in the Netherlands. It all belongs to someone at bananaman.xs4all.nl

I surely did not write the last message so I decided to delete it.

“Ewout and Tina” is the same person with the same IP address.

I also received an email from the same person according a picture he or she created from ‘Land of the Dead.’, using scarycynthia@hotmail.com

A childish act to do and I will completely ignore it.

Best regards,


Letters send to the editor

Do you want to post a message to the editor? Send your email to letters@heathernova.info

Do you want to read letters from the past? Than go to the section "Mail, Letters and comments"

Quoting "Esther"


Does anybody know how to buy tickets for Heather's concert at Oosterpoort in Groningen? It's not on the programme of Oosterpoort yet and it's also not possible to buy these tickets at the post office. Thanks!


I wrote back (September 27, 2005):
Dear Esther,

I apologize that I did not respond sooner. I was offline for quite a while because of private reasons, but now that I return I decided to respond to your email.

About the Oosterpoort, Groningen:
I am sorry to inform you that it is not definite, I understand from Perry.

I will inform you if Heather will indeed do a gig in Groningen but I am afraid she is not. Therefore I will delete the date - October 25 - from our site. I am sorry that I am not able to confirm that Heather will be at the Oosterpoort in Groningen.

Perhaps next year she will.

Best regards,


Quoting "Jesper"

Subject: Heather Nova koncert in Denmark


Just checked your tour dates for HN and saw that the Copenhagen venue was TBC. Well, i have bought my ticket and it's gonna be at Amager Bio and tickets can be bought at the danish Billetnet at
http://www.billetnet.dk/?ver=uk (english version)...

Thx for a good site

Jesper Christensen

I Wrote back (August 2, 2005):

Dear Jesper,

Thanks for the information and I will put your message on our front page and will share it with the fans from on our mailing list too :-)

I hope that you can make some photos on October 21 for your own collection and that you can share a few of them with us. Drop us an email after the concert and I will publish it on the site. I know that you will have a great time on Friday, October 21.

Take care and thanks again,

webmaster & creative manager of HeatherNova.US

Quoting "Andy"

Dear friends,
Hello, this is Andy writing from Bournemouth in England. I've been a subscriber to you for a couple of years now & even though I don't contribute often I do enjoy the site very much and always read the newsletters.

It's an exciting time right now and I wonder if I could use your service to see if anyone would like a ticket for the London show on 30/09/05. The person I was going to go with cannot now make it and I wouldn't want it to go to waste. It cost me £17.50 which I guess is something close to 25 Euros. I would be happy to let it go for about £15/20 Euros or near offer.

It is a stalls-standing ticket and if anyone is interested maybe they could contact me.
If you can be of any help here I would be very grateful. Thanks and keep up the good work.


I wrote back (July 29, 2005):

Hi Andy,

I hope that you will find a buyer for your ticket. I am sure that there are enough people to buy your ticket if they find out that Nadia Lanman will make a guest appearance on September 30.

You can read all about it on the .com site at http://www.heathernova.com because there is a personal message from heather for all the fans! I will put your request on the front page of our .us site too (but I will not publish your email address).

When people want to have more information, I will send the message to you so that you do not have to worry about spam email.

Taka care and have a nice day,

webmaster & creative manager of HeatherNova.US

People who want to come in contact with Andy to buy his ticket can contact me at cynthia@heathernova.info


Wonderlust Winter Blue Walk This World Island Heart And Shoulder Paper Cup London Rain Not Only Human Doubled Up Truth And Bone I'm The Girl Heal Make You Mine Sugar I'm On Fire

The American Red Cross

Heather live at Pukkelpop

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Heather gave a concert on August 20 at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium and Bernd Wenisch from HeatherNova-info.COM created a video impression from this event.

With thanks to Bernd you are able to see Heather live at the Pukkelpop festival.

Go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, Pukkelpop" to see the video clip.

P.S. you will need the QuickTime Player to see the video.


Heather at the Pukkelpop festival


Heather at the Pukkelpop festival 

Sail 2005

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

We all know that Heather spend most of her childhood on a big sailboat. With this in my mind, I decided to create a short impression of Sail 2005.

My first impression about Sail 2005 was 'wow, amazing to see so many people around. Queensday have never been so bussy as sail 2005.' I think that I have to explain my first impression a little bit: there where aprox. 3,000,000 visitors in Amsterdam. Unbelievable, isn't it? The atmosphere was great, something that you can compare with a Heather Nova concert.

If you have ever been to a Heather Nova concert than you know what I mean.

Sure: there where lot's of boat on the lake 'Het IJ'. The lake seperate Amsterdam North - where I live - from the rest of Amsterdam. But there was more to see than just boats: people where dancing in the street and every night at 10:00 PM there was fireworks.

After the fireworks you could hear the ships horn like an applause, it was amazing!

I created a short video impression and now you can see the first part of the movie. Go to the section "World travel stories, Amsterdam - Sail 2005" to see the first video-clip I created (with music from Heather on the background).

The video is in QuickTime format, if you don't have QuickTime than you can download it from the web site of Apple..


Sail 2005 photo by Cynthia Fridsma

Your own free online photo album

written by Cynthia Fridsma

Sharing your photos online with family & friends and supporting Heather too? We make it possible and it is all free for you to use!

I installed an open source software program known as Gallery 2. It supports more than twenty languages and creating an online photo album is easy. Don't wait, register yourself free and share your photos’ online.

Via the service I installed you can also jump to the five major Heather Nova sites too!

Go to http://service.heathernova.us and check it out yourself.


Bring the elephant home!

Date: 8/25/2005 17:50:44 +0200
From: editor@heathernova.com
Subject: Bring the elephant home!

Hello fans,

I would like to stress out Heather's involvement with the Bring the elephant home campaign. Please take a look at these two links to learn about the project and Heather's involvment.


Antoinette and her crew will have this big party/auction in Blijburg aan Zee on September 3rd, which will help raise money for the project. On that day they will auction the items donated by Heather, so I hope that many fans from the area will decide to go there and support the project.

But also fans from around the World are able to donate through the website! So let's get into action and let's bring the elephants home
at the sound of Heather's music! :-)




Bring the elephant home

Message from Heather

Attention: on the .com site Heather wrote that Nadia Lanman, the cellist, will make a guest appearance on September 30 at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London.

More information can be found at http://www.heathernova.com


Welcome cover 


Heather is nowadays busy with the recording of a new album, which is good news!The new album is titled "Redbird" and the track list is as follows:

I Miss My Sky (Amelia Earhart's Last Days)
Done Drifting
Singing You Through
A Way To Live
Wicked Game
This Body
The Sun Will Always Rise

The album will be released somewhere in August 2005 and we’re all looking forward to have a copy of Heather’s album, don’t we? We will keep you up to date when the new album arrives in your local shop.

Go to the section "Articles, Redbird" to read more about Heather's album (interviews etc.)

Go to the section "
Highlights" to see a promotion video.

Go to the section "
Highlights, Sneak preview" to hear (and see) the samples from Heather's album Redbird


cover for Heather's new album This picture is provided by HeatherNova.COM

Welcome can now be downloaded from ITunes

Written by Perry Black

hello Heather fans.....

I got this tidbit of information from the heathernova.net site and so i think i'll pass it on to everybody .... and i quote:

"Welcome is already released. It's not available as maxi CD or as single CD. It's only available for download in AAC format on the
iTunes Music Store (in Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy,
Luxembourg, but not [yet] in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) and in WMA format on the VirginMega website (in French and from France only).

Two songs are available for 0.99 Euro each.

01. Welcome (Radio Version) 3:33
02. Welcome (Album Version) 4:18




A new column: World Travel Stories 


We had a column titled "Spam" and decided to replace the column with "World travel stories". Go to the section "World travel stories" to read the travel stories.

Now in the picture "Frankfurt am Main"

If you want to share your travel story with us, or if you want to promote your hometown, than send an email to the editor. You can send your holiday photos too! Write to cynthia@heathernova.info

Exciting news about the cd-project

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Amsterdam, July 8, 2005.

I had a small meeting with Heather on July 8 and although I was excited and nervous, I did remember to give Heather the CD that YOU PEOPLE helped to create. Heather was rather surprised by it and curious about it." I told her that I still receive messages from fans who want's to join the cd-project and that there will be, perhaps, a second album next year. A second album?', she repeated. 'Yes, perhaps it will. Or something else instead.'

Go to "heathernova.co.uk" to discover everything about the cd-project.


Front cover of the cd

Announcement: new web site

Written by Perry Black

There is a new web site by Sony / BMG records:


and although it's a German web site i think most everyone will be able to find their way around there since a lot of it is done in english. Got a nice burgundy (to my eyes) color to it, too.


p.s. more information can be found if you go to the section "Links, German sites, Die offizielle Website von Heather Nova"




World news provided by the New York Times 


A few articles on our site are brought you by the New York Times.

In order to read the complete article you will need to register yourself at
the NY Times.

After the registration you will be able to read the complete NY Times articles that we
selected for you from which we think that they might interest you.

Go to the section "News, New York Times" to read the newsletter, provided by the New York Times.

Click here for a free membership for the New York Times

Heather Nova - Live at the Union Chapel DVD

Live concert footage, performing the tracks:

Let’s Not Talk About Love, I wanna Be Your Light, One Day in June, You left me a song, All I need, Drink It In, Fool For You, River Of Life and Storm

Backstage performance of the tracks:
New Love - Every Time

Special Features :
Music Videos : Drink It In, River Of Life

To see the video, River Of Life, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


Complete video "River of Life"

If you have installed Real Audio Player you can see the complete video
"The River Of Life", brought you by http://www.othello.tv

To see the video, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


Taken from the Videoclip "River of life"