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  Picture of Heather Nova
Frequently asked questions

  • what has this site got to do with Heather Nova?
    • This site has everything to do with Heather Nova: You can send Heather Nova Postcards, read Heather Nova articles, download a Heather Nova concert, listen to Heather's music, read about Heather's tour dates, etc. We started the site in '02 as a forum. In '03 we transformed the site into an Online Magazine with lot's of topics including world news, world travel stories, videos dedicated to Heather, webmaster tips, etc. We decided to do this in order to support Heather. This may sound a bit weird but don't forget that everything on the Internet can be found via search engines. For example: people looking for information about Amelia Earhart, I miss the sky is dedicated to Amelia Earhart, can find our site also, and perhaps they'll discover the beauty of Heather's music as well. Did you think about that?