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August, 2003

Marktrock 2003 - Video impression

I haven't been at the Marktrock Festival, but we still can have a taste of the
atmosphere on that summernight in Belgium because of Vincent G. (from
http://www.creep.tk) who send me a nice email in which he gave permission
to use some material from his site.

I decided to create a video impression to give you a taste of the atmosphere, but I had
to cut off all sound because of restrictions according the copyright law.

But you can have, at least, a look at Heather on stage and that's all that matters, right?

You have to go to the section "Articles, Marktrock 2003, video impression" to see the
silent impression.

We have also add Vincent's site on the section "Search, Links, Creep"


Photo by Vincent G. at the Marktrock Festival

So Big Virus allert

We at www.heathernova.us don't suffer from a virus, thank god.
But we did in the past and that's why we take the SoBig Virus serious.

If your computer becomes infected with the virus than you will be sending
a lot of email that aren't yours, containing the virus.

What to do if your computer is infected? Well... don't worry, because we
have found the solution on the internet.

All you have to do is to go to the section "Creativity, Software, Virus allerts", there you
will find the answer.


Todays Headlines (NY Times)

Written by Cynthia Fridsma
for www.heathernova.us

I was shocked by the news the other day when I read all about the brutal attack on the U.N. Headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq. After all: didn't the US and Brithish goverment set Iraq free from Saddam Hussein?

I had a discussion about it with few friends and we decided to insert the Headlines from the New York times on our site to offer you more world news about what's going on around the world today.

After all : we received a letter from an editor at the NY Times, see the section
"Archive, June 2003, June 30, 2003" that we may use the headlines if we want.

We decided to use the permission because we realize that we are living in dangerous times.
You can go to the section "News, NY Times Headlines" to find out more about what's going on around the world today. Let's hope that people will wake up one day and stop the violence against each other.

The only way to wake up by my opinion is to know what's going on and that's the reason why we think that offering you the Headlines from the New York Times will help a little to keep you inform (along with the other news sections that we provide on our site) about the latest issues. In order to read the complete article, you will need a free membership from the NY Times.

Dunes of the Netherlands

We all know that Heather grew up on a sailboat during her youth, and if you didn't know it, than you do by now.

Because of this knowlegde we decided to create a short movie, running time 41 minutes, about the Dunes of the Netherlands.

For that aim we went to Schoorl, Petten, Bergen and Bergen aan Zee (Villages in the Netherlands near by the coast) and put it all together on the computer.

We used Heather's album "Oyster" for the background music and optimized the movie for streaming media on the internet.

You can find the movie, under the section "Multimedia, A tribute to Heather, Dunes of the Netherlands"

Starring Cynthia Fridsma and Gerard Reniers


Gay parade in Amsterdam

People from all over the city were together just to watch the Gay parade, a parade of boats accross the canals of Amsterdam.

We decided to publish a few photos at www.heathernova.us because of Heather's connection with the water and the see, caused by her youth.

You can find out more about this happening under the section "News, Worldnes, Gay parade"


Our mailing list is up and running

After some troubles to install a mailing list CGI script we decided to search the
internet for a ready to use program for our mailing list.

Read more about this in the section "News, Software"

Share your mail with us

We decided to have our mail server ready to receive email that we can publish no our site.

All email addressed to letters@heathernova.us will be available for the rest of the world.

Read more about this under the section "mail.", there is now also a German section which can be found at "Mail, Deutschland". We decided to include this feature because Heather is more popular in Germany than in the rest of the world. Let's hope that we will follow Germany sooner or later.