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November 2006

logo of the heather nova online magazine

November 10, 2006

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine, the place on the Internet where you can find all the information you want with a simple click of your mouse.

On the Heather Nova Online Magazine you can find the following topics:

picture of Heather Nova

About the Heather Nova Online Magazine

We're a nonprofit organization and try to popularize Heather Nova in the States so that she will be able to do a concert in the States too. We hope to achieve our 'mission' by offering you the best you can get on the net and by providing you with lots of information about our idol & our figure head : Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.


Written by Cynthia Fridsma
Amsterdam, November 8, 2006

On January 2006, I wrote an article about the Ncards organization concerning an Anti-discrimination conference in USA and Dubai .

And this organization still operates and be warned: it’s a scam to steal your money, because the organization is fake! On October 23, I received an email from someone who almost became a victim of this fake organization. They were about to send 6 people from their organization to Dubai for the first International Conference Against Racism and Discrimination!!!

But they were just in time to stop the transaction and decided to check things first and came across my previous article about the scam.

They call themselves now: the World Conference against Racism and Discrimination instead of the National Conference and I decided to publish their email on our site as a warning for everyone not to fall for this fake organization! Don't fall for messages from an organization with the name : WCARD!!!

---- email from an almost victim of the scam --------------

Dear Cynthia

Greetings from Cairo, Egypt. I am a woman from Egypt who works as the Director of Training at Freedom Drug and HIV/AIDS program in our country. We were about to send 6 people from our organization (and pay for their accommodations in Dubai) to the first International Conference Against Racism and Discrimination!!!

Go to the section "News sercvice, Internet issues" to read the whole article

WASHINGTON (Nov. 10) - A colossal, swirling storm with a well-developed eye is churning at Saturn's south pole, the first time a truly hurricane-like storm has been detected on a planet other than Earth, NASA images showed on Thursday.

Picture of the storm on Saturn
Go to the section "News, Science" to see more pictures


Island candle by Heather Nova

The Great British luxury gift brand Wonderfully Whiffy has generously donated a signed Heather Nova Island candle for a raffle, whose profits will go to Heather Nova's chosen charity, the Bermuda Zoological Society.

Go to the section "Charities, Heather's Candle" to read the complete article (and how to win a signed Heather Nova Island candle).

New heading added : Book reviews

Written by Cynthia Fridsma

Although we’re living in an age of Information Technology, where we can use the Internet to find all the information we need (though not all the information you find on the virtual ocean can be considered as a trustful source), and reading lots’ of information on the screen.

Still, I believe that we need a hard copy on paper instead, when reading lot’s of pages and that includes books. You can call me old fashioned, but I have to disagree with you. You can learn more from reading a book on paper (and it’s easier to add your own comments on a page) than reading an electronic version of the book.

That’s why I doubt that printed matter will be replaced by electronic versions for the generations. Believe me, or not, that reading the ‘SorrowJoy’, Heather’s book with lovely poems, on the screen, isn’t the same than reading it on paper. And that goes for many other books too.

I decided to start this new section on our Online Magazine because I love to read a lot and love to share the information about new publications of books with you.
New in book reviews:

Monstrous Mansions by Laura Simmons, a couple of eco-conscious aliens battle suburban sprawl to save a community go to the section "book reviews,Children's Book" to read the complete review.

In "One Town's Terror: 9/11, Iraq and Burlington, Vermont," Robert Ivker weaves together the lives of several Burlington residents immensely affected by the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Go to the section "book reviews, documentary" to read the complete review.

Myths We Live By: From the Life and Times of Jesus and Paul by Andrew

"Provocative and profound ... a brilliant historical examination and re-evaluation of the facts... a richer, and truer portrait of both Jesus and Paul, one that both biblical scholars and discerning readers should appreciate." Go to the section "book reviews, history" to read the complete review.

Six Years That Shook the World by William Koss gives a fascinating history of the Internet, telecommunications and the fiber optic revolution. Go to the section "book reviews, history" to read the complete review.

The quiet hero by Gery W. Toyn

Uber-Veteran and Medal of Honor recipient George E. Wahlen has spent a lifetime trying to forget about Iwo Jima. For over 60 years, the full scope of his heroics have never been divulged. Now, Bob Dole, James Bradley (author of Flags of our Fathers) and Sen. Orrin Hatch have joined forces to help tell Wahlen's story… still recognized as one of the greatest stories of heroism in U.S. military history. Go to the section "book reviews, history" to read the complete review.

Good Versus Evil in a Stunning Tolkien-like Epic Elements of Celtic myths pervade J. Michael Robertson's thrilling fantasy of a dark battle on a re-imagined Earth, Warrior of the Three Moons. Go to the section "book reviews, fantasy" to read the complete review.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Poems


Thanksgiving, Christmas And New Year Poems, Toasts and Prayers At Poemsource.com

New, original, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Poems, Toasts and Prayers are now available at poemsource.com.

November 5, 2006 -- As the end-of-year holidays approach, millions of Web searchers are looking for holiday poems for their greeting cards, e-cards and programs, Thanksgiving and Christmas prayers to be said over holiday dinners, and New Year toasts to be used at New Year's Eve parties.

Go to the section "News service, Internet issues" to read the complete article

Seven All Time Classic Western TV Series

TV4U Presents Seven All Time Classic Western TV Series on its Free to Internet Television Network

TV4U, Inc. is launching its Western Channel on the TV4U.US internet television network with such classic shows as Bonanza, The Lone Range, The Rifleman, and Wagon Train.

Henderson, NV November 5, 2006 -- TV4U, Inc. has launched its Western Channel on www.tv4u.us. Top Western TV classics Bonanza, Wagon (PRWEB) November 5, 2006 -- Train, Shotgun Slade, Jim Bowie, Kit Carson, The Lone Ranger, and The Rifleman are all offered free to web viewers in their entirety. What's more, while ad supported, each of the shows are shown on an uninterrupted basis.

Bonanza was the top TV Western, the first produced in big budget color as a way for RCA to sell Color TV sets through their NBC Television Network. The show ran for 14 years and made stars of Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, and Dan Blocker.

Go to the section "News service, Hollywood" to read the complete story

Go to the "Online Gallery" to view Heather Nova concert photos
More Hollywood news ...

Producer/Director BJ Davis submits a request to have his Director's credit replaced with a pseudonym "Alan Smithee", which is commonly used in the entertainment industry by Directors who wish to disassociate themselves from the film. This decision by the film's Director normally serves as a signal to the industry from a creative rights point of view that the show had been tampered with.

Go to the section "News Service, Hollywood" to read the complete article

Los Angeles, CA November 5, 2006 -- "The Great Warming," the new climate change documentary opening nationwide November 3rd in select Regal theaters, celebrates its opening with the release of a podcast featuring the film's producer and creator, Karen Coshof from Stonehaven Productions, and leading clean energy advocate Troy Helming, CEO of Krystal Planet and author of "The Clean Power Revolution."

Go to the section "News Service, Hollywood" to read the complete article

Letters to the editor

Do you want to post a message to the editor? Send your email to letters@heathernova.info

Do you want to read letters from the past? Than go to the section "Mail, Letters and comment

Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 11:37:19 +0100
From: Gerhard
Subject: feldkirch, 31.7.

hi, it was my second concert after Munich last year. At Munich i stood very close before the stage and i was wondering whether i should close my
eyes so that i can concentrate on and flow with the music or watching this
angel singing. At Munich first track was she alone with Storm, then the
band set in with Heart and shoulder and then Motherland. I thought i was in heaven at last, finally, i literally had to keep from crying tears of
joy. At Feldkirch, in my home country, though i had to travel even more, i
live close to Vienna, first track was Maybe an angel, and then the same
two and three and again i was home. Music was as powerful and spiritualized and uplifting and deep as the year before but she was more
opened, she smiled several times and spoke a little, which she didnt do at Munich at all. Cant tell that one was better than the other but i can tell that im looking extremely forward to her next live performance because thats real power and real love.
And theres something remaining inside your heart that will help you going through the storm.
love, regards, gerhard

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 19:51:15 +0100
From: Cynthia Fridsma
To: Gerhard
Subject: Re: feldkirch, 31.7.
Hi Gerhard,

Thanks for sharing your review about Heather's concerts in Munich and at
Feldkirch... I will publish your review on the site today because I am sure
that other fans will love your review too, as much as I did!

And I can understand why it's hard to say which one was better, because Heather
is simply the best and when she's on stage she gives 100% of her self to the
audience, I am quite sure of that which is why there's so much love in the air
during a nova concert, like you mentioned before.

Your review reminds me of the good times I saw Heather on stage and I am sure
that she'll be back on stage next year and than we'll have a chance to see her
again on stage.

What's your favorite HN song? The song I like most is Island (because it's a
strong and emotional song of Heather, though almost all her songs are that

Best regards,

editor/webmaster of the
Heather Nova Online Magazine at

----- Original Message -----