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Be creative!

What is the world without creativity?

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Written by Cynthia Fridsma
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This is meant as a rhetorical question, though you can ask yourself how empty the world would be without creativity. I personally think that we would live in a dull world if there wouldn't be such a thing as creativity.

I think that all invention’s starts in someone's mind first, perhaps even in a dream. Than it's up to that person to do something with it and that's when we're talking about creativity.

This also applies for musicians, authors, actors, movie directors etc. 


Heather Nova was born Heather Frith on July 6, 1967 in Bermuda.

Why a topic about creativity on our site?

The reason for this is that I believe that talking about creativity is a good thing and I believe in the spreading of knowledge.


Here you can find various articles that are, directly or indirectly related to creativity including some tips, lessons etc.

If you've got some questions about creativity, than you can send me an email directly. My email address is cynthia@heathernova.info