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Jun2, 2005

June , 2005

Welcome on the Heather Nova Online Magazine, the place on the internet were you can find all the information you want with a simple click of your mouse.

We're a non-profit organization and try to offer you the best on the net and we provide you with lot's of information about your idol: Heather Nova, the shining star from Bermuda.

Heather live at the Vredenburg, Utrecht

Heather Nova will do a live performance at the Vredeburg (main hall) on October 4, 2005.

Click on this text to buy the tickets online


Heather Nova The woman with the golden voice


Heather Nova Live September 30, Shepherds Bush Empire London UK

Interview with Heather

Heather Nova - accessible music with evocatively sensual and stunning female vocals

music reviews © Evelyn Downing, Jamie Field,
Justin R Elswick, Russell W Elliot 2003 interview
© Musical Discoveries (credits) 2003
photos © Jelger Groeneveld and Joseph Voncken 2003
images © V2 Records and Saltwater Ltd 1993-2003
all images used with permission

You are about to read an in-depth and retrospective article that reviews all of Heather Nova's (authorised) albums:
Glow Stars (1993), Blow (1993), Oyster (1994), Live From The Milky Way (1995), Siren (1998), Wonderlust (2000), South (2001) and the new album Storm (2003). The article also includes reflections on Heather's live performances. The worldwide web offers plenty of further information on Heather Nova including a vast array of photographs of this stunning vocalist.

Go to the section "Articles, Reviews and exclusive artist reflection"

With special thanks to Russel Eliot from http://www.musicaldiscoveries.com/


Heather on August 15, 2003 at Leuven

New album from Heather

Heather is nowadays busy with the recording of a new album, which is good news!The new album is titled "Redbird" and the track list is as follows:

I Miss My Sky (Amelia Earhart's Last Days)
Done Drifting
Signing You Through
A Way To Live
Wicked Game
This Body
The Sun Will Always Shine

The album will be released somewhere in August 2005 and we’re all looking forward to have a copy of Heather’s album, don’t we? We will keep you up to date when the new album arrives in your local shop.


cover for Heather's new album This picture is provided by HeatherNova.COM

New dutch site, a Heather Nova weblog site...

Heather Nova is great and now there's a Dutch weblog site online http://heathernova.web-log.nl/ for the Netherlands and for Belgium.

There will be a 'true' Heather Nova site in the Dutch language as well, because they are working on a Dutch site at http://www.heather-nova.nl


Dutch HN weblog site, a weblog page in the Dutch language for Belgium and the Netherlands.

Letters send to the editor

Do you want to post a message to the editor? Send your email to letters@heathernova.info
We received a letter from a fan about the Wonderlust cd from Heather.

The fan wrote:
The cd Wonderlust live is one of the greatest live cds ever, please tell me that this concert was captured live and is available on dvd. And if it is not it should be. It is one of heathers greatest cds.

Our reply:
I am sorry to inform you, but the Wonderlust cd is not available on dvd and yes, I agree with you that the Wunderlust cd is one of the best live cds from Heather.

But there is a DVD available from Heather: "live at the Union Chappel" which is a great DVD. Go to
http://www.heathernova.com/dvd/ for more information

Hello Cynthia

Thank you very much for writing regarding our Heather Nova article at Musical Discoveries. You have our full permission to use the article at heathernova.us with the proviso that you add the links and provide credit as indicated in the e-mail below.

I will be very grateful for your confirmation when the article has been published onto the site.

Best regards


Russell W. Elliot, Editor-in-Chief
Musical Discoveries


My reply

Hello Russ,

Thanks for your permission to use your article about Heather and I have
published it on our site and gave you all the credits . . .

You can read the article at:

I have also put your site on our link page at:

And put a link of your site on our credit page . . .

Best Regards,



Did you know that Heather made a new album titled "Redbird"? You can find out
more on our site at http://www.heathernova.us and on http://www.heathernova.com


Wonderlust Winter Blue Walk This World Island Heart And Shoulder Paper Cup London Rain Not Only Human Doubled Up Truth And Bone I'm The Girl Heal Make You Mine Sugar I'm On Fire


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New members

New members for the mailing list:

There are now 180 members for the list, when can we put you on the list (if you aren't there already?)

--- comments from new members : --------------
user: spunky
comments: hello Heather how are you with your baby(1year) I hope you come back this summer or winter for a brilliant new gig at Paradiso or Carre in loving Amsterdam

big kiss from Bart

user : tanja
comments: i want to now when heather nova comes to holland in 2005 please let me now

user : mikey77
comments: Please tell me how i can get the Storm CD, its not available at any store i have been at

user: fistralblu
comments: I am really keen to go to one of HN concerts in the UK. I would be really grateful if you could let me know if there are any.

user: estergerding
comments: Everytime i see and hear Heather Nova my heart goos wild!!!!She is the best. Love from Holland

user: starmania
comments: i 'm a chineses heatherfan!

user: chewie
comments: heather, the loveliest voice in female rock today. i love her!

user: chris.h
comments: finally got broadband so can now access some decent sites. i was actually trying to find info on any
future tour plans when i came across this site. have been a fan of heather nova since 'london rain' but unfortunatly have
yet to see her live. the fact that she has not had high profile exposure in the uk charts can be seen as a blessing as
it avoids the mainstream bullshit that goes on with our charts and record labels. as for that voice ...

what can i say...... it gets right inside and stirs you up, amazing. great site keep up the good work, cheers chris.

user: Butterfly
comments: Hi, my name is Sofía, Im 21 years old and Im mexican and I absolutely love Heather´s music!!!! Im one of her
biggest fans!!! Very nice page!!!....Good job! Sofía

--- new members for the cd project ----------
name: Marko
comments: I play guitar, bass- also sing and write lyrics both in finnish (my native) and english. I'm interested in writing and making a song for this project- more information on schedule, please :)
singer: yes
lyrics: yes I write Lyrics or Poems

name: Jade
lastname: Brown
lyrics: yes I write Lyrics or Poems
yourstory: I started writing just after my Father died in 1997 and used his death as an inspiration. I've written a musical currently
under production and I have a band called Avex. (visit the website at www.avexonline.com). Now studying at college and hope to
become a music journalist
back to start page
--- end comments --------------

Go to the section "Become a member" to subscribe to the list and have your user name listed on the cover page. You can go to the section "Mailing list" to find out more about the Heather Nova mailing list.


London Rain


Heather Nova - Online Magazine is getting better all the time.

Heather Nova - Live at the Union Chapel DVD

Live concert footage, performing the tracks:

Let’s Not Talk About Love, I wanna Be Your Light, One Day in June, You left me a song, All I need, Drink It In, Fool For You, River Of Life and Storm

Backstage performance of the tracks:
New Love - Every Time

Special Features :
Music Videos : Drink It In, River Of Life

To see the video, River Of Life, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


Complete video "River of Life"

If you have installed Real Audio Player you can see the complete video
"The River Of Life", brought you by http://www.othello.tv

To see the video, you have to go to the section "Multimedia, Videoclips, complete video 'River of Life'"


Taken from the Videoclip "River of life"


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